ABC iview – Website

Accessible news & entertainment for Australia.

In 2020, the iview website needed modernisation to prepare for mandatory user login scheduled for 2021. At the time, iview was quite text-heavy, wasn't responsive, and lacked cohesiveness with other ABC websites.

To bring it in line with audience expectations, we took every component, modernised them one by one, and then released it in two stages over 12 months. We also took the opportunity to visually align with the wider collection of ABC websites. This enabled a shared product strategy across the portfolio.

What we did

∙ Strategy
∙ Concept design
∙ Design and development of first release
∙ Iterative design and development releases


What I learnt

Positioning products within an ecosystem
Understanding how people engage with the same product across a range of devices is something that is often overlooked chasing consistency and speed to market. Being very aware of how every touch point fits into people's day to day has opened new doors for me.

Time of day
This was the first project I have worked on where time of day was strategically designed for.

Product numbers

∙ 1.5m weekly streams

∙ 240k weekly active users


Product team

∙ Stuart Flanagan – Lead Engineer
∙ Natalia Laban – Engineer
∙ Norman Vo – Engineer
∙ Alamelu Annamalai – Quality Assurance
∙ Phil Banks – Strategy
∙ Andrew Bray – Product Designer
∙ Josh Akmens - Product Manager