ABC iview SmartTV

Case Study

A digital future for ABC TV, with over 3 million streams daily.



In 2019, the tipping point between broadcast TV and video on demand was fast approaching. ABC iview required a modern platform to showcase its content across SmartTV.

This project kicked off in July 2019. A first release was shipped 12 months later, in 2020. Since 2019, I have been responsible for the design direction across SmartTV. We are currently in a consistent iterative design and development cycle.

What we did

▪︎ User research

▪︎ Vision and strategy

▪︎ Concept design and prototype creation

▪︎ Prototype testing

▪︎ Development prioritisation

▪︎ Design and development of first release

▪︎ Iterative design and development releases



#1 Australian Broadcast Video On Demand service in 2021.

63% of ABC iview stream starts occuring on TV.

The work is now been used to inform an Android TV rebuild.


Designing in context on different sized TVs was critical.

Finding a way to 'do more with less' is key to designing interfaces across the SmartTV market.


Product team

▪︎ Stuart Flanagan – Lead Engineer

▪︎ Norman Vo – Engineer

▪︎ Ailia Rizvi – Engineer

▪︎ Marc Howard – Engineer

▪︎ Ash Srinivasan – Quality Assurance

▪︎ Alamelu Annamalai – Quality Assurance

▪︎ Phil Banks – User Research & Strategy

▪︎ Andrew Bray – Product Designer

▪︎ Bruce Collier – Product Manager

▪︎ Josh Akmens - Product Manager